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Choosing the right Corporate Events

Choosing the right event is vital to ensure that everyone gets the most out of your corporate event, and that it meets all of your expectations AND your commercial objectives.

Whether you plan to entertain clients, promote your business or simply train or reward your staff, corporate events play an important role in team building and enhancing employee motivation and engagement.  Choosing the right event is vital to ensure that everyone gets the most out of your corporate event, and that it meets all of your expectations AND your commercial objectives.

Many corporate events are based on fundamental psychological principles, such as the Strength deployment inventory, Belbin’s team role theory and Myers Briggs. By employing these simple to adapt psychological tools, you can create a corporate event that is effective as well as fun.

Many companies attend corporate events on a regular basis, because it enhances team performance, ensures that employees feel that they are valued members of the team and it enhances sales performance and profit.

People are at the core of your business success, and that it is people that drive a business forwards. Motivated, skilled and empowered people achieve more – it’s about working smarter, not necessarily harder. If you invest in yourself, in your people, in their success and they will invest in the success of the business. The best way to do this is by arranging Corporate events which focus on team building, employee motivation and sales and management training.

Corporate events can be standalone training, facilitated team activities, or full teambuilding development programmes on sea, on land, in the classroom, or even abroad. What is more is that you can now apply for money off corporate team building events andmanagement training events using the Government’s ‘Train to Gain’ scheme. This is all part of the Government’s Solutions for Business, designed to help English businesses grow and succeed through training and corporate events.

corporate events help you and your business grow and develop, both personally and professionally, and an innovative corporate event is a great way to get people talking about your business!

PJ Stevens is a top UK trainer and people development expert from Leap Plc. His corporate events have been engaging employees for over 12 years.  LEAP delivers a range of Outstanding Teamwork Programmes, Motivational Events, Corporate Events and team building programmes in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, which directly impact on People, Performance and Productivity.

After a series of 22 team building corporate events for a Swiss Client who put some 600 staff through PJ’s programmes over a 12 month period; employee engagement was audited to have doubled, proving that LEAP corporate events are a highly effective partner for businesses.

At Leap Plc, the team has a vast range of business experience and development skills, and their uniqueness is that they have the passion to make individuals and businesses grow and succeed through corporate events. They are  determined to offer their clients innovative corporate events, teambuilding, employee motivation, management and sales training expertise, and are now registered under the ‘train to gain’ scheme!

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